Through this series of work, I continue to explore the same themes and visuals that have always kept me painting.  

Whether you look through a microscope or look through an airplane window, our world is textured, diverse, pocked, patterned and burnished in its splendor. It isn’t always pretty, but it’s always beautiful.

I love deep forests, oceans, vast deserts, and outer space - the mystery and beauty of what seems like endlessness. We can only see what we can see. For me, there is something deeply spiritual there; something very human about being slightly blind, all the time. We are, in many ways in this life, operating with very limited sight.  

We’re a little bit blind. We build things and make up stories and folklore to make sense of a world that we don’t understand. And we cling to what we’ve made because it’s there; it’s a physical thing that we can touch. We build and build and work so hard, and yet all the other creatures on the planet seem quite content to just sit and be and look. Yet we humans demand meaning.

So, just sit and be, and look.  



New Works - 3-Parson Exhibition - Craighead Green Gallery - March 2019

Gallery Artist Summer Group Show - Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, May 2018

Gallery Artist Holiday Show - Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas - Nov 2003

Gallery Artist Group Show- Buchanan Gallery, Galveston - June 2003

Scott Simons - New Works - Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas - Nov 2003

Group Show - Buchanan Gallery,Galveston - May 2003

Juried Summer Show - Texas Commission on the Arts, Austin - April 2002

Scott Simons - New Works - Craighead-Green Gallery, Dallas - Dec 2001

Two-person show - Craighead-Green Gallery, Dallas - May 2000

Holiday Group Exhibition- Craighead-Green Gallery, Dallas - Nov 1999

Once you can accept the universe
as being something expanding
into an infinite nothing which is something, 
wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.

                                 - Albert Einstein